Our Aim

Creating Tomorrow's Experience

At SequelOne, our passion for Human Resource and Supply Chain optimization drives- who we are and what we do- every Day. Our core competency is into these domains and everything we do is rooted in it. SequelOne is reimagining how HR and Supply Chain automation can change the way of doing business. We believe there is an opportunity to change the industry and build something new, something different, something better- Create Tomorrow’s Experience.


We are dedicated to progress and are constantly in motion. We are honoured to serve our clients since last one decade. Here at SequelOne, we’re guided by our primary values that are based on our vision and provide the foundation for everything we do- Originality, Integrity and Agility. SequelOne today represents a unique combination of products, talent and opportunities. It believes in using technology to optimize HR and Supply Chain processes in order to get to a desired result. However, it believes that just using technology to simplify a process isn’t enough and the only means to an end. Simplicity and joy of use will only come through exceptional experience design.

Who are We

Formed in 2005 by highly expert professionals. A Global service provider with local expertise across continents.

How we do it

We integrate client’s workflow, payroll engines and compliant service that is delivered on-premise and on-demand basis, SaaS business model. We do it for clients with single location and multi-location across the globe.

Our Mission

To be best Integrated Service Provider in emerging markets.

Who we do it for

Wherever the need of consolidation and control is required to manage multi-continent services for their enterprise.

Why it matters

Due to increasing business complexity and changing regulation a need arises to understand the costs and processes of clients to manage their key resources – their PEOPLE.

What we do

SequelOne provides integrated global services through one single system and through compliance with local tax laws and regulations.

$10 million






Sequelone’s culture

The culture of SequelOne is fuelled by strong values, creativity, customer focused approach and dedication. Using innovative, sustainable and strong practices isn’t just how we deliver our products and services, it’s a principle we value in all of our work.

Innovation: is at the core of what we do and is key to our success. All of our researches are based on key insights into what experience Customers want and need. We are customer-focussed and continue to aim to develop those products that are useful for customers. The products we develop through innovation, whether by ourselves or through our partners, play an essential role in our ambition to make a positive impact on the business of our customers.

Sustainability: At SequelOne, we believe that sustainability is crucial to our businesses. Our sustainability efforts are woven into all of our business units. We encourage our talented employees- do dream big, do more and grow. We care deeply about doing the right thing. It’s why we’re working to build sustainability into everything we do.

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